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Karoke Farewell Party for HuiLing

Dear Friends & Families,

I would like to share with you all that a few days back our team come out to celebrate or should I put into better words? like bid farewell to one of colleague that is leaving us to further her studies. We went to Jusco Cheras Selatan’s GreenBox for a karaoke session.  I’ve attached the link for everyone to view.

View the Photo Album Here!!!

Food & Tea @ Jusco Cheras Selatan.

Dear Friends & Families,

        Long time I never write up about my favourite place for food. Well, I used to like to have my food at Jusco’s Cheras Selatan branch. The place was not packed with people during the initial completion of the buildings but nowdays you can see the traffics of peoples there starting to build up. My first, chinese food stall like those “Mongkok Char char Teng”  was this “FOOD & Tea”. The stall was nice and comfy the environment. There is a big half circle table at corner of the shop. There is even nice executive type chair right in front of the stall.

        For those who want to try out the food there, I’ll recommend you not to… During the initial start up of the branch at Jucso Cheras selatan, it was very nice. The environment to the tables, chairs and waiters. Nowdays, the place sukz alot. The waiters.. food.. environment.. and even the chairs.. Is not I hold grudge against them but really try to change abit! So let me complain.. first is the waiters…

        The waiters there something really make you throw blood. They never pay respect to the customers at all. While you’re placing orders, the waiters can suddenly looks at different directions and talk to his or her colleague. Worst is when he or she pick up a call from the mobile phone and stand there blah for few minutes. They even never introduce you food of the day or something else anymore. Come on.. I’m paying for the service tax.. Worst is I ordered two drinks and it come one.. it happen twice occasion I was there. The first occasion they bring me another cup. The second occasion, I think out of luck or something wrong with the way I speak? During the order I mention to the waiter 2 cup of BB jelly drink even he reply me “2 cup rite?”. Then.. after waited for almost 10min just one cup arrived.. I informed them again there is another cup.. and the waiter say “BB jelly drink?”, and I say yes.. “Another cup”. Another 10-20min even I finished all the dishes..Luckly, their didn’t charge me two cup.. if not I’ll Screw them!

       Food.. I used to like very much and makes me to go back there for more but not this time. The food quality now from good to bad. Once I order one of their chef’s favourite, some sort of deep fried popiah look bread with fruits and prawns salad type fillings. The outside was cold.. the filling is hot.. even worst is the fruits inside taste sour! After that.. I never order the dish anymore.. One and the LAST TIME! My girl girl like to drink the crab meat soup, is just like shark;sfins soup..first occasion was very nice.. hot and full, even thou is a small bowl only. The next occasion, we went there and my girl girl order the same soup and this time is mild hot and when serve to us.. she accidentally spill 1/3 of the soup. They never say sorry or replace with a new one.

     Environment.. now everyday packs with peoples. Sometimes you need to wait for 30min to get a table. Not to mention the time waiting for the food. Espcially on fridays and weekends.. the utensils or tables and etc.. the seats is not that comfy anymore because many people have sit on it.. the cushion seems very soft. The untensils sometimes they never clean properly and sometimes the plates or bowls there are some dents. I need to stop writing.. When I’m writting this.. my fire starts up!

Well below is some of the dishes I ordered from my LAST trip. LEft to right.. 1) Black pepper Pork Spagethi, 3) Cheese baked chicken white sauce rice, and “Sui Gau” soup.


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